Are you planning a bathroom renovation? One of the most important things you need to consider is an effective way to eliminate renovation and demolition waste. During a bathroom renovation, chunks of ceramics, metal, broken plastic materials, and non-electrical fittings will accumulate. With professional skip hire in Dover, you can eliminate all the bathroom waste without creating any mess inside the home.

Which size skip bin should you hire for bathroom clearance? This is a question that haunts the minds of many. Generally, a builder’s skip is the most favourable option for bathroom clearances. They are large enough to accommodate all types of bulky wastes and fillings. Before you decide on the skip bin size, here are a few things to help you decide.

What are the common bathroom wastes generated during renovation?

During bathroom refurbishment, the tiles, walls, and fixtures are replaced. Hence, it would help if you had a large skip bin. Here are a few common types of bathroom waste generated during the renovation process.

  • Building rubbles
  • Broken metal parts
  • Chunks or ceramics and wall tiles
  • Electrical and non-electrical fittings
  • Broken bathroom accessories and plastics
  • Wastes packaging materials, including cardboard, polystyrene and plastics
  • Damaged hard wastes like cement chunks, crushed rocks, gravels, quarry wastes and tiles
  • Portions of solidified paints

Since bathroom waste contains hazardous waste, you will need more than one skip bin. Refrain from throwing everything in a single skip bin; this will make the recycling process difficult.

Which type of bathroom waste can you put in a skip?

To protect human health and the environment, here’s a list of items you should not keep in a skip bin during a bathroom renovation.

  • Do not dump clinical or medical wastes in the skip bin
  • Do not place fluorescent tubes discarded during the bathroom renovation into the skip bins
  • Avoid dumping batteries, asbestos, paint solvents and chemical-based liquids into the skip bins
  • These wastes are generated during bathroom renovation and can be harmful if mixed with typical wastes.

Recycle the wastes which are possible

A few bathroom wastes can be recycled, such as empty shampoo and conditioner bottles, shower gel and moisturiser bottles, cardboard boxes of toothpaste, deodorant cans, and bath bottles.

Dispose of them responsibly so that the waste can be recycled later. Contact PHS Skip & Grab Hire for reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly skip hire in Dover. We have a range of skip bins of different sizes that you can use for different waste collection methods.